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Nyanda Sam-King
LCSW (103646)

Nyanda Sam-King of NSK Therapy

Nyanda Sam-King
LCSW (103646)

Licensed Psychotherapist, CEO

and  founder of NSK Therapy

About Me

I am Nyanda Sam-King, LCSW (103646) a licensed psychotherapist, CEO and founder of NSK Therapy, a licensed clinical social work corporation. I am based in California and specialize in helping clients work through day-to-day stressors and traumatic experiences. We will go through this journey together, you are not alone. While working together, we will set goals and establish a safe space within our relationship. With this relationship, I will support you and guide you by equipping you with tools that will assist you in leaning into your strengths in order to overcome the battles you are facing.

My Background

When asked what made me decide to pursue something in the field of mental health, I never quite know how to answer that question because becoming an advocate of wellness and a mental health expert always felt like a calling. I was always interested in the complexity of the human mind and our inherent resilience as a people.


The people I come from are the epitome of resilience and beauty. I was born in Sierra Leone, West Africa and immigrated to North Carolina when I was a toddler with my family, where I was raised. After high school, I moved to New York and attended University at Albany for my undergraduate and advanced standing graduate degree in Social Work. Over the course of my career, I have worked in non profit, telehealth, healthcare, and community based settings where I provided therapy to young and older adults. I have helped many individuals work through issues such as anxiety, addiction, work stress, depression, relationship & family issues, adjustment disorders, race related trauma and challenges accompanied with navigating cultural experiences. My diverse professional experience has led me to open my private practice in 2022.

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