Check out a few of my publications discussing significant loss, dating and self-care.

NSK Therapy Essence Publication

Thrive After A Significant Loss

Grief. It’s a painful and complex emotional process that everyone goes through but experiences differently. Defined as “a natural response to loss,” oftentimes when we think of grief, we connect it to the way in which we deal with death. However, we can grieve the loss of jobs, relationships, and routines as well.  

NSK Therapy Essence Publication

Overcome Dating Fatigue

We are hard-wired to desire connection. After all, we are social beings. There is even immense research on the correlation between healthy relationships and mental health. But what if the quest to find and cultivate connections leads to weariness, specifically when seeking out healthy, romantic relationships?

NSK Therapy Essence Publication

Prioritize Self-Care

A Black woman is not a machine. She is a living, breathing being in need of nourishment and rest. When you first read this statement you might think, “duh, I know that!” However, are you truly living, breathing, and consciously replenishing your being? If your answer is no, you are not alone

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